All products sold on our site are new, are available upon request if not in stock. The delivery will be agreed upon at the time of your order normally with a maximum wait of 30 days.
No new products
If any product on our website who have already had a previous owner this condition will be appropriately highlighted in the product description and specification sheet will be placed in a special area of our site.
The amount of precious metal in the objects we sell is indicated in the description. The amount of precious metal is indicated by the method of THOUSANDTHS required by Italian law and with the international method of carats. The title 1000°° (thousandths) corresponds to 24 kt (karat). <br/& Lg;
The amount of precious metal required by Italian law, defined as "legal titles" are as follows: <br/& Lg;
Gold under 750°°°°°° or 585 375 thousandths or <br/& lg;corresponding respectively to 18-14-9 kt (Karat) <br/& lg;
Silver 925°°°° thousandths or 800 title

Platinum under 950°°°°°° or 850 900 thousandths or <br/& lg;paid toinvolving 21.6 22.8 respectively--20.4 kt (Karat)

Palladium under 900°° or 500°° thousandths
Information on diamonds sold by DEMOMI and found in products DALTON
The diamonds sold by DALTON and DALTON found in products in which are embedded gemstones were acquired by DALLAS from authorized sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions respecting the Kimberley Process certification system (System of warranties). DALTON guarantees that these diamonds are not the result of conflicts on the basis of the information in its possession and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds
The prices quoted are retail prices inclusive of all Italian taxes and are subject to change at any time without notice.
Pictures and descriptions of products
New product images posted on the site are indicative only as it is standardised products identified by a unique product code.
Pictures of the new products that are not standardized correspond exactly to that product.
In the absence of sspecific directions in the order notes will not be lamented the lack of conformity of purchase.
The products sold on our site are warranted with duration of at least 24 months (2 years) as required by Italian law in force.
The guarantee is issued directly from the manufacturer for all brands marketed by DALTON, in other cases is supplied directly from our shop. <BR/& lg; For International warranty from manufacturer of items such as watches, jewelry and other products we sell do not need to present your sales receipt or proof of purchase as they often products that are given away (normally a gift is not given with proof of purchase). <br/& lg; The manufacturer's Warranty will be void if dated, if it contains the features and/or item code and/or the serial number of the item purchased and if stamped by our shop. <br/& Lg;
For all treated subjects requiring receipt or invoice to make a warranty claim they will be provided to the client without the need for a specific request.

All items are NEW with packaging and International 2 years manufacturer's Warranty that will accept at any official reseller worldwide. <BR/& lg; In the event that the arrepair are NOT NEW (products that have already had a previous owner) will be specified in the description of each single article with what type documentation will be provided.
Gold jewellery and gold with precious stones can be standardized or craft and will be accompanied by a description concerning the authenticity of gemstones and precious metals/d <IV & lg;