Terms of sale
Last updated 5/15/2014
These terms of sale may change over time, we recommend customers to test them before purchase, you will still be visible on the date last modified.
We recommend the clients make requests and orders on our online shop demomi.com in advance.

The terms of sale ("conditions") apply to your purchase and delivery of products purchased through our site. that is, in general terms. <BR/& lg; If customer needs more information, if you have difficulty in understanding these terms or have any questions relating to the same please contact us using the customer contacts to the contacts section. <BR/& lg; These terms, together with sections terms of use, Privacy, shipping, payment and shipment confirmationand order, are an agreement between the parties concerning the purchase of products and which will not apply other terms or conditions. The agreement may only be modified as a result of a mutual agreement reported in writing or by e-mail. A copy of these terms can be stored in electronic or printed by all users of the site. <br/& lg;
The website demomi.com ("site") is maintained and published by Dalton Ancient Goldsmiths S.a.s. of Dalton Maria Luisa & c. (hereinafter referred to as "DALTON"), a company with registered office in Piazza dei Signori, 24 in Treviso 31100 Treviso ITALY, registered under number REA TV-171680 (tax code and VAT 01839900261) <br/& lg;
Contact: E-Mail: info@demomi.com
Phone: + 39 0422 540829
The decision to buy a product labeled "Available" including it in your cart and completing the route of purchase constitutes an order.
We strive to ship orders within 5 working days After we receive the payment, we will always be the customer of any delay by e-mail or by telephone by communicating the new delivery time.
The customer who makes the Orderand through the site, you will receive two emails: the first email is a message that tells the customer that he sent us an order; the second mail confirmation to the customer that we have received your order and contains all details of the same (product description, quantity, price, payment terms, shipping method and the address to which we will ship),
When your order is shipped you will receive an email confirmation of your order to inform him that we have to ship all or part of the goods which the customer has ordered./d When the customer places an order, making an offer to purchase the products you have selected. Orders are subject to availability and approval. We can not accept the order, at any time and at our discretion, if:
The customer has provided incorrect information such as payment details incorrect or insufficient, incorrect billing information; shipping address is incorrect or incomplete or misleading information;
There is an error on the site for the products that the customer has ordered, for example an error on the website relating to the price or the description of the products;
The products that the customer has ordered are no longer available for sale through the site, or cannot be found within the time indicated in the sales conditions;
  • We believe that the customer is not legal.
We will not be liable to the customer or to any third party for withdrawing from any product, for the removal or modification of the materials or content on the site, for refusal to execute an order or for the suspension of the transaction once the energy management for each of the above reasons.
If you cannot accept your order we will contact the client by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible and in any case not later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of the order. If you cannot accept or execute the order because the products are no longer available or due to an error in pricing and/or other information related to the products that the customer has ordered, we will contact the customer and will suggest alternative products that could be rating that the customer may want to purchase. If the customer does not accept our suggestions we will cancel your order for the products that we make, and we will refund the customer within 30 (thirty) days after order payment amounts which has already versato for these products.
Orders cannot be changed. Orders can only be cancelled at any time before they are shipped by us.
If the client wishes to cancel his order, the customer is requested to send us an email with the details of the order you want to cancel. We will not accept cancellations of orders placed with modes other than those identified above. If the customer does not cancel your order, your order will be shipped./d Once your order has been shipped, the customer may only exercise the right of withdrawal in accordance with the following procedure.
Special Orders
The order becomes a special order when in "availability" item shows
We are committed to deliver special orders within10 working days After we receive the payment, we will always be the customer of any delay by email or phone by agreeing the new delivery time.
For special orders are worth the same procedure and conditions as described above, the second mail orders will show that this is a special order. Special's ordersor:
  • Products that are normally present in the catalogue on our site but not in stock and they then will be provided upon specific request specifically for the customer, for example a new watch that we are official dealers.
  • Products that are in the catalogue and warehouse but at the specific request of the client changes, for example a ring which has been specially tailored for customer special order.
  • Products that are not normally present in the catalogue on our site but we are able to provide and that then will be available upon specific request specifically for the customer, for example a new watch that we are not official dealers.
Special orders are not cancelable, and they cannot exercise the right to cancel the purchase as ordered or specially products upon the customer's request.
On some products the customer has the possibility to make a "buy" by clicking the "BUY" that appears in the screen product, filling in all required information including the price at which the customeris willing to buy the product. By filling in the "proposed acquisition" with the required data when we confirmed it is binding for the customer because sending it back to us he undertakes to complete the transaction under the conditions that he himself formulated. Shipping charges are not part of the "offer to purchase"
The answer to "buy" is subject to our judgment, it having been sent can be immediately confirmed, rejected or kept waiting for a confirmation or denial, we will do everything possible to respond within 3 business days.
Preparation time and shipping
Products before they are shipped are checked and verified, in particular on watches is a functional check.
Having regard to the characteristics of the Products handled by us and their value, the process of checking and shipping takes longer time than other articles available online, in connection with this we ask customers to make purchases in advance, apart from this we strive to ship within 5 business days of receiving cleared payment. If we are unable to ship within 5 working days and there were more time or problems withavailability in stock, the customer will be contacted to arrange for completion of the order which will happen anyway as no more than the 30 days unless otherwise agreed. For the safety of the goods traveling we avoid transit times on weekends or public holidays. During the holiday in General and for example Easter, 15 August, Christmas and new year schedules can change not forseen. If DALLAS fails to deliver the product in the schedule will return the entire amount paid by the client.
Right of withdrawal
Right of withdrawal pursuant to art. 5 of legislative decree 206/05 (consumer code) for consumer protection, which regulates remote contracts, the customer has the right to withdraw, if your purchase does not meet your needs, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt. <BR/& lg; To exercise the right of withdrawal you must submit it in writing by registered mail with return receipt, specifying description and number of products you intend to return addressed to Dalton Antica Oreficeria S.a.s. Piazza dei Signori, 24 31100 Treviso Italy. <br/& lg; DALTON will contact the client as soon as possible consigliandolo on the most suitable mode for the return. The return of the goods, must be made to the address above within 14 (fourteen) days. The costs of returning the goods, the risk of theft connected to the shipment, the loss or damage are the responsibility of the customer who will make the choice of the means to be used independently by lifting DALTON from liability even if you use the same shipment method used by DALTON.
Evaluate the integrity of the goods we will refund to you the amount paid as soon as possible: the refund will be made by bank transfer within 30 days of receipt of the returned goods or, if the timing of the recovery from the manufacturer should exceed the previous term will refund within 15 days from receipt of the returned goods and reset by the manufacturer in this will be produced documentation showing/d
Tax Documentation
For every purchase DALTON issues a "notice of sale" accompanying the goods using the data that the customer will release by registering or the data you will be notified by PAYPAL or your bank. Customers who require "tax invoice" must richederla at the time of purchase.
The invoice will be sent with the product. In case there were any of the errors detected in the Bill or there was a need for a new shipment please contact us by e-mail clients at info@demomi.com or by calling + 39 0422 540829.